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virtual personal training 

Each session is a duration of 50 min.  Through these sessions , you will see fast physical changes, and you will also get one of the best educations with information and knowledge that will last a lifetime. We are passionate about our clients being comfortable with resistance training. Physical workouts are vital to growth and sustainment of lean mass as well as the very key to keeping you youthful and active. Avoid so many conditions we are faced with now more than ever, such as upper crossed syndrome (forward rounded shoulders), etc.! 

To find out more about virtual personal training


book a free 15 minute call with Krisha Davis, creator of KD Elite.

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Virtual Training

Skip going outside in the dark cold morning, the drive and the parking. Instead roll out of bed, make yourself coffee and join the training call, shoes optional.


Krisha Davis is the brains behind KD Elite Training. In addition to her passion she is also highly educated, holding 4 certifications from the NASM. What her specialty is is her ability to impart that knowledge & passion on to her clients, keeping them motivated to move forward towards their goals. She has also trained the rest of the KD Elite Coaches to have the same compassion and awareness with clients.



The KD Elite team wants to see you succeed. You can reach out to them with questions or even frustrations about your progress they are there to guide you and cheer you on.

The CUT with Krisha

When you sign up as a client have access to The CUT with Krisha program at a discounted price. You will be given an individualized plan to undergo a cut alongside Krisha for 8 weeks in an intimate setting via a private page on Facebook where you will not only be walking through the process yourself, you will see into her intimate moments of her going through the exact same process you will be going through. 

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If feeling strong and healthy are key ingredients in the recipe of your life reach out to KD Elite Training. We are ready to support and guide you in your health journey.

Have questions?

Book a free 15 minute call with Krisha Davis, creator of KD Elite.

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