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Aidy Sampson

I’m Adrienne Sampson, but my friends call me Aidy (sounds like 80). I’m a mom of two whoopee cushion loving boys and married to my high school sweetheart. My first love of fitness came by way of dancing. I have danced 35 years as well as coached dance team, choreographed and preformed on professional teams.  This is such a natural platform for me as I have found that movement is how I connect with the world and strength is the backing for every performing sport and season for quality of life. Deciding where to land in the health and fitness world can be overwhelming with the abundance of philosophies, opinions and even falsehoods available to us.  I carefully chose KD Elite because its foundation is built by science and psychology, is programed to work for a lifetime of growth and change, and provides a connection to others who all want the same thing…to be strong, healthy and confident, with an abundance of self-love.
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