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Krisha Davis

Your dream isn’t big enough if it’s not worth chasing. I’m Krisha Davis. Creator of KD Elite. I believe when something is so positively impactful to your life it’s a responsibility to share it. I own and operate this business and manage the most talented team of trainers as well as my first loves, my son snd daughter. I’ve picked up a few certifications along my way that I get to share and apply as a NASM certified personal trainer, NASM Weight loss Specialist, NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist, NASM Correctional Exercise Specialist. 
You’ve heard it- when you love what you do, you don’t work a day in your life. That’s not true. I love what I do and I work my ass off every day. Good thing I’ve never been afraid of hard. My blood runs grit and grind and I’m honored to stand next to so many individuals with shared traits. Join us. The only level is the next one up.

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