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Each session is a duration of 50 min. This session time is our time in the gym to physically train you customized to your goal. Through these sessions , you will see fast physical changes, and you will also get one of the best educations in a gym setting with information and knowledge that will last a lifetime. I am passionate about my clients being comfortable in a gym setting. Physical workouts are vital to growth and sustainment of lean mass as well as the very key to keeping you youthful and active. Avoid so many conditions we are faced with now more than ever, such as upper crossed syndrome (forward rounded shoulders), etc.! 


From the convenience of your home, you will be on FaceTime and called at your session time. Just like in-person training, you will have visuals for demonstration, cues for proper form/technique, will be given and tracked through all reps with correlating tempo, with the benefit of a science-based effective program all through a screen. There are shared time slots through virtual training which brings a fun camaraderie and dynamic that's a benefit to your workout. It also allows flexibility for you within your busy week. 

These sessions are certainly not limited to just personal training. Sometimes the most effective “trainings” are the ones when we sit down and address life at hand with topics containing health, nutrition, stress, workout formatting, lifestyle habits, etc.

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