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Find Your WHY

Here are the top 5 reasons some people workout:

1.) To undo the damage. Food guilt. How do we compensate? You simply burn the calories you ingested.

2.) To fit in those jeans! Yep! You have that pair in your closet that you’re dying to wear. That is if your waist was just a bit smaller. Jeans, or just clothes in general. We all know how we want to present in them.

3.) That big event! That wedding! That vacation! You’ll be exposed and eyes are on you. We all know there will be photos aired on media. You want to make it all look good!

4.) We want to look all sexy for the opposite sex. Show off your hard work and dedication to your friends. The world!

Now really. Who hasn’t fit into at least one of these categories? Admittedly, I’ve fit into all of them. Guess what? They aren’t wrong! They don’t make you a shitty person. But, plain as day, they are superficial!!! I’m not here to argue that’s even wrong. It is within all of us. An evolutionary gauge of a physicality that’s measurable to keep us away from morbidity. But I am here to say this… if most of your “why” is centered around the above, you are going to struggle with consistency. This is the person that you might see at the store today and they look their fittest. Then in 6 months from now, the opposite. Yep! Character hit and identify crisis for them too.

What is entirely underrated for workouts are the following:

1.) Set a good example for your family.

I’ve funneled my many goals for my kids to this. I want them healthy and fulfilled. No one lives in a constant state of happy. But, good luck coming anywhere near if you’re not healthy. You can spend your time fueling healthy, or you’ll be consumed by navigating through ill. Prevention or pacifier.

2.) To feel good! Prime your energy!

That euphoria following a workout. Runners high. Chances are, if you’re reading this, you have felt the energy and difference by partaking in a workout routine. This is not just your. This is physiology!!! a chemical mediators secreted during our workouts, called BDNF (Brain Derived Neuotropic Factor) are in short, the happiest drug there is. Big pharma has tried to mimic its powerful effects, but there is simply no substitute. Even better? It’s free. Only the chronically lazy can’t apply.

3.) Get STRONG!

FACT! Life is better when you’re strong. You don’t need help to move that furniture. You got this! Be your own moving company. Haul all those grocery bags. Or, if truly called to life? You might just save one. To live with the confidence of capability to protect myself and loved ones come fight or fight is a security with fighting for day in and day out.

4.) To manage your stress and emotions.

You wanna see me crazy? Take away my physical activity. Forget burning calories. Burn your crazy! The higher the stress in life? The more it’s needed. In the eye of every storm, I am known to drop where others may think I should be because I know better. My weights. I need to show up to me to be me. I will go from stressed and feelings of incapable to (cue Biggie) all the ladies in this place with style and grace! Yep! My family knows to support what’s going to best support them. My time for me is an investment for them.

5.) To stay away from that walker and nursing home as long as possible within our control.

Movement. Mobility. Strength. Past the age of 40, your muscle mass can atrophy ~6% per decade. IF you’re not doing anything about it.

If you’re not practicing a skill, you’re losing proficiency. Don’t be confused that where you’re at with movement, mobility and strength is an ability. It’s a constant practice if you do so want to keep it. You simply must pay the rent on these. You’ll never own them. I told my clients, if you want to squat when you’re 80, you better not stop squirting until you’re 80.

Seems simple. It is. But, not easy. Dedication is never easy. WORTH IT!!!!

Let’s compare and contrast.

Remember that person use at the grocery store that looks so different from that six month period? The one that worked out for purely aesthetics? Well, this person that works out for the underrated non-aesthetics based is that Individual that appears so consistent!! They don’t have extreme looks or moods. (External life doesn’t apply as we’re all human). This person also can appear as that damn fountain of youth. It’s ironic, right? The person that doesn’t show up for aesthetics are in fact, the person that lives and reap the benefits of aesthetics, because true sustainable results relies on consistency. Those jeans will get thrown away. Your wedding will be over. That vacation and social media pic will end. The bottom 5 most underrated reasons to workout are a lifelong commitment.

This is why you must find your why.

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