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I Encourage You to Fail

Sadly.... That’s not all. Guess which one of them worked???? Not a damn one. Most- fattest and most miserable phases of my health. Not only is the biology behind all these total bull sh#t, I was so hyper focused on food that I made miserable in life. How I felt energy wise, hunger wise, strength, gut health, socially, etc. etc.!!

Gosh I’m glad I did them. This was my path.

I just got off a call with a potential client consult. She asked what lifestyle coaching with me was like. I said, after I give you your life plan, I want two things....

  1. Check in with me a lot

  2. I want you to fail a lot

She was quiet. Let me explain...

No one comes to me and invests because they know what they’re doing. Even if I give you written instructions on exactly what to do, guess what... You’re STILL going to fail. Yes, it starts with the right information and best plan for you. But adhering to that isn’t going to happen on paper. Guess what else? What once worked for you at one phase of your life doesn’t work the same at another phase of life.

This is all so important to grasp because I bet you have thought things like, I know if I enter into a program right now, I would just fail. YES! GOOD! I WANT YOU TO! My clients fall into this... I know when they are following along and doing great, because they’re loud about it. Prompt to check in. Little extra ra ra ra’s!! When they’re not doing awesome... crickets.

This is where I remind them, this right here (failing) is why you’re here. Heck, this is where I am most valuable. As much as I like to cheer and celebrate your wins, I don’t think the value is quite there for that.

Your want success????? The following is true. You have to try. You simply cannot walk around in life and dodge failure. You need to welcome it. You need to try it on in as many forms as possible.

Simply put.... If you have not found success in you health, or in any facet of your life, you

simply have not failed enough.

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