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What if I told you I had it wrong….

Updated: May 12, 2023

Yeah. You read the subject. Me now in a conversation with me a few years ago would not agree. I probably would have argued and dripped every science bomb backing I had. Now I’d just smile at that girl and know better.

When it comes to movement- I often get questions around this…

What should I be doing for my physical activity? My answer then… which happened to be exactly what I practiced. You should be spending your time doing the most effective workouts for your body composition.

You see? My education gave me the answers to these questions that people came to me for. I knew how to change and manipulate any body (including mine) by simply hyper focusing on effective fitness paired with nutrition. I even convinced myself that any other time spent not doing this was a waste of time.

Fast forward- Pose that question now. If you ask me what is the most important workout I should be doing in my routine, I would say this… The one you enjoy the most.

If you include a workout that you enjoy, you are not going to feel the stress of fighting yourself to just do it. You’re doing to be way more consistent. When you’re consistent, you’re going to sustain being physically active.

What we care most about is our health. That you move in various ways daily. NOT looking like a magazine cover of fitness.

The point of our time here on earth is to live. Enjoy. Smile and be happy. Yes, this comes with countless sacrifices. But when it comes to your physical health, I stand by the many many unparalleled benefits of resistance training. But if dancing makes you happy. If cycling is your jam. If running feels good mentally. You NEED to do these things.

My personal fitness routine right now looks like this…. I will always and forever will hold weights. A minimum of 3 days a week. I am finding my joy currently by being completely intuitive the other days in the week. If I feel overloaded, I simply walk. It settles me. It’s recovery. If I feel good, had a decent night sleep, already got my weights in for the week, I might run. Last Sunday I ran intervals.

I have days where I enter for my workout and I simply let me body be my guide. What feels the most neglected. Muscle groups? My heart rate? Combo of it all.

Just like nutrition, we all will burn out if we had the same things over and over for months on end. Consistency is so under rated over speed. In reality, we all need some level of enjoyment to continue.

When I take on clients now, of course we create a template of success for body composition. It’s what i do and it’s simple. Notice I didn’t say easy. What makes it more easy? Basing it around that very necessary piece. Your fitness enjoyment.

All my love as we’re all here for the same goal. Health, love and happiness.

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